Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Observance Effect

We seem to easily be able to notice other peoples faults and follies. We can then try to make sure that we don't follow on that same path, but by guiding ourselves by problems that other people have, do we end up missing our own? Is there any way to actually fight that?

I can think of two ways. I would like to believe that I have the self-awareness to spot my flaws and try to correct them. Is that type of perspective even possible? Maybe it just takes more self-reflection to figure yourself out – more time without any distractions whether they are cell phones, TV, Internet, Books, etc. Time where you do nothing but dig inside yourself and try to see what's there. But maybe it isn't enough to just reflect, do we need to be pushed over the edge to see our problems?

By surrounding yourself with truly honest people that are smarter than you, willing to give you shit, tell you when you are fucking up, we can get more perspective. People that can push you to really see what you keep hoping not to find. I don't have nearly enough of those kind people in my life, and I don't know where to look to meet more of them, but I am looking.

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