Wednesday, December 31, 2008


New Years is one of the stupidest real holidays there is, but an excuse to drink is an excuse to drink. Here are a couple of my resolutions that I am going to put here so they are on record, and I can't claim that I forgot them.

  • Read 60 books this year (I missed my goal this year, so I'm going to increase it by 20. Makes sense)
  • Become fluent in Spanish and begin on a third language
  • Bring the GPA back up to 3.5
  • Travel - Don't just go on the 10 day trip to Israel, but stay and travel to Europe for at least 2 more weeks. Also, stay at least two weeks in Puerto Vallarta, and spend some time surfing in Sayulita.
  • Save 7k before the Summer to do this properly.
  • Study abroad Fall 09 or Spring '10
  • Break 175

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