Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I haven't posted in a week, I've been really busy with trips and school starting up today, so sorry for not posting, but I should have some posts up soon. But I have to lay out who I want to win on Sunday, in the NFL Conference Championships.

Arizona/Philadelphia: I was born in Arizona, and have spent my whole life here. During that time, I almost became a Cardinals fan. They have been consistently horrendous through my whole life, but I was about 10 minutes away from buying season tickets when they were moving into their new stadium. I decided against it, but I've always secretly rooted for them, and anyone who is man enough to be a fan of a team this continuously bad has my respect. Everyone seems to keep doubting them, so that should continue to fuel them in their underdog role, and with Boldin coming back, and Westbrook getting hurt again, I think they pull this one out.

Pittsburgh/Baltimore: Now for the game that I really care about. I have been a Ravens fan since 2001 or 2002. I LOVE this team. Pittsburgh played incredible against San Diego, and San Diego couldn't stop them from running the ball right up the middle. The Ravens can. Flacco has been completely unflappable, and I'd like him to get some more throws in this game, he is not a normal rookie. Both of the games between the two so far this year have been incredible, with plenty of controversy in both. For some reason, I just feel like the Ravens pull it together, (they've played 17 straight weeks without a bye) and find a way to win. I just think this defense has too much pride to be beaten 3 times in a season by their biggest rival.

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